Real Recovery Results with Rush Sports Recovery and Cryotherapy

Rush Sports Performance knows that rest and recovery are critical elements of any successful training program, vital to athletic sustainability and injury prevention. We provide techniques and modalities to maximize your body’s recovery and repair process. These processes may include hyper hydration, heat, ice, cryotherapy, compression therapy, chiropractic or a combination of all of these. Our goal is to safely expedite the recovery process with a balanced combination of rest and therapy to allow you to return to competition sooner and stronger than before.

Our state of the art facility offers a full service recovery room that includes the following treatments that sets us leaps and bounds ahead of our competition:

WBC: Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy has gained rapid popularity due to it’s effectiveness and quick results. Imagine the effects of a 45 minute ice bath being achieved in under 3 minutes. WBC is also known to help lose weight, improve skin and collagen production. This treatment is commonly used by professional athletes as well as our youth athletes.

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Spot Cryo

Spot Cryo is most commonly used for isolated areas of swelling and inflammation from a variety of causes such as workouts, injury to even post-surgical conditions. This treatment will help you maintain and heal.

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Muscle Stimulation

Rush Sports Performance utilizes unparalleled muscle stimulation technology that has become essential to demanding athletes. Commonly used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment our treatment will rapidly improve your well-being.

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Compression Therapy

You train hard, so its important to recover smart. Compression therapy is a manner in which, using compression power, allows your muscles, to relax as it helps clear metabolic waste from your muscles and tissues and increases blood circulation.

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Athletic massage therapy has gained significant popularity over the last decade and continues to climb. Rush Sports Performance provides this therapy as a means to enhance pre-event preparation, and post event recovery.

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Physical Therapy

Our top Physical therapists are Board Certified in Sports Therapy and part of the American Physical Therapy Association. Our PT’s has over 20 years combined experience and have been working with athletes at all levels from youth to professional.

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Concussion Testing

In any sport there is always risk of an injury and concussions are something we take very serious at Rush Sports Performance. We have state of the art equipment to test any type of traumatic brain injury including potential symptoms.

IV and Injection Therapy

IV and Injection nutrient therapy help you as an athlete to hydrate faster, as well as supplying your body with necessary nutrients as a normal part of metabolism. This will convert fats and proteins into energy through complex chemical reactions quickly and safely.

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