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Welcome to the next evolution in sports performance training.

Unrivaled by any other training facility in Arizona, Rush Sports Performance, powered by the Rush Speed School of Phoenix, is proud to bring to you, its newest flagship facility. From the moment you walk into our facility located at The Rush Sports Complex, you will no doubt recognize our specifically designed domain that will offer athletes of all ages and all skill levels, not only a unique experience particular to their sport, but also allows access to equipment, coaches, training methods and recovery modalities previously only available to professional athletes.


Rush Sports Performance believes that in order to win, it starts with several key factors that do not equally apply to everyone. Therefore, it is our commitment to you, to design a program that will help build towards your success and achieving your goals! Our philosophy is built around developing mental sharpness, nutritional balance and integrating training philosophies for athletic attributes such as speed, agility, power, functional strength, conditioning and especially resistance to and prevention and recovery from injury.

So again, Welcome to Rush Sports Performance, and to your future of becoming a better athlete.


A Home for Athletes

Every Athlete has a home in which they perform comfortably and Rush Sports Performance will become your training sanctuary off the field.

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Speed Training

Rush Sports Performance is powered by the world renowned Speed school training method as a basis for all of our athletes. With a primary focus on run and movement mechanics and mastery of fundamental skills.

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Youth Programs

Our athletic youth programs help young people develop flexibility, speed, and strength with a focus on proper mechanics.

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Advanced Training

The Rush Sports Performance advanced level training systems utilize the Chip Smith Performance Systems patented M.O.R.R system to prepare athletes for advanced competition and entry into collegiate or professional level programs. These are invitation only programs conducted in small group or individualized settings to maximize effectiveness and focus on the skills necessary to prepare for the next level of play.

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Training Calendar

Are you in school or involved in extra curricular activities? No problem. We offer a variety of schedules throughout the year to accommodate your schedule.

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Cryogenic Therapy Physical Therapy and Recovery

Recovery is often as important as training itself and is frequently overlooked. The Recovery Room @ Rush Sports Complex offers on site WBC Whole Body Cryogenic Therapy, Localized Cryotherapy, Norma Tech Compression Therapy, Compex Muscle Stimulation, Sports Massage and much more, all supervised and administered under the direction of our own in house Physical Therapist.

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Rush Sports Performance Complex

The Rush Sports Performance Difference

Rush Sports Performance is not a typical gym. The difference being that all of our training is conducted under the direct supervision of a Certified Performance Coach with programs designed and focused on youth fundamentals training, team training and building, collegiate athletic assistance programs, and specialty programs designed for adults first responders, wilderness athletes and more.

Rush Sports Performance Complex

  • Monday - Thursday: 2pm9pm
  • Friday: 2pm7:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: By appointment